Upload a File

Upload a one or more new Files to Catalytic.

Returns reference to the uploaded file or a list of the uploaded files.

Method Signature

File upload(java.io.File file);


filejava.io.FileThe File to upload
returnsFileThe File object


 * This example demonstrates uploading a File to Cataltyic

import org.catalytic.sdk.CatalyticClient;
import org.catalytic.sdk.entities.File;

public class Program {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
      	// Create and initialize the Catalytic SDK Client
        CatalyticClient catalytic = new CatalyticClient();
      	// Upload the file
      	java.io.File fileToUpload = new File("/path/to/file");
        File file = catalytic.files().upload(fileToUpload);