Getting Started & Installation


You can install the Catalytic.SDK package from NuGet using the Package Manager, dotnet cli or by adding a package reference to your project file.

Package Manager

PM> Install-Package Catalytic.SDK -Version 1.0.1-pre-33

dotnet cli

$ dotnet add package Catalytic.SDK --version 1.0.1-pre-33
$ dotnet restore


Add the following line to your project file.

<PackageReference Include="Catalytic.SDK" Version="1.0.1-pre-33" />

Visual Studio - NuGet Package Manager

In Visual Studio, select the Project menu, then select Manage NuGet Packages... as shown below


Next, select the Browse tab in the NuGet window, and search for Catalytic. If you are using a preview release, be sure to check the include prerelease checkbox. Select Catalytic.SDK from the results as shown below, then click Install