List Workflows

$ catalytic workflow list [--filter=<FilterExpression>] [--search=<query>] [--max-size=<size>] [--after=<token>] [--format=<FormatExpression>] [--credentials=<CredentialsName>]

This command lists Workflows and supports filtering and querying to narrow results. See below for filterable and query-able properties.

--filter=<FilterExpression>A FilterExpression to narrow the results. See Filtering Items for more information.
--search=<query>A search query to narrow the results.
--max-size=<size>The maximum number of results to return for a single command. See Paging Items for more information.
--after=<token>The next page offset token returned from the previous request. See Paging Items for more information.
--format=<FormatExpression>A FormatExpression to define the output style and properties. See Formatting Output and Workflow Properties for more information.
--credentials=<CredentialsName>A string corresponding to saved Credentials. See Using Credentials for more information about Authentication.

Filterable Workflow Properties:

  • Category
  • Owner
  • CreatedBy
  • IsArchived

Queryable Workflow Properties:

  • Name
  • Description


List all Workflows with owner "[email protected]" and output the results as a CSV with the columns "Id, Name, Description"

$ catalytic workflow list --filter "[email protected]" --format "csv(Id,WorkflowId,Name,Status)"