Structure and Overview

Service Clients and Methods

The functionality of the Catalytic platform is grouped into into several service clients that are exposed as properties of the main SDK Client. The available service clients are summarized in the following tables. Click on the Service Client or method name to see more details in the reference documentation.

AccessTokensgetGets a specific Access Token by ID
findFetch all of your Access Tokens
createCreates a new Access Token with your email and password
Not supported for teams with SSO enabled
createWithWebApprovalFlowCreates a new Access Token to be approved via the Account page in
the Catalytic Web App
Supported for all teams with or without SSO
waitForApprovalWaits for an Access Token created with createWithWebApprovalFlow
to be approved in the Catalytic Web App
getApprovalUrlGets the URL that the user should be directed to to approve the
Access Token created with createWithWebApprovalFlow
revokeRevokes an Access Token so it can no longer be used
UsersgetGets a specific User by id, email or username
findSearch for Users by name, or get all users.
WorkflowsgetGets a specific Workflow by id
findSearch for Workflow by name or owner
exportExport an existing Workflow
importImport a Workflow
InstancesgetGets a specific Instance by id
findSearch for Instances by Name or Owner
startStart an Instance of a Workflow
stopStop an Instance
getStepGet an Instance Step by ID
getStepsGet all Steps of an Instance
findStepsFind Steps across all Instances
completeStepComplete a Step
FilesgetGets metadata of a File by id
findSearch for Files by name, workflowId or instanceId
downloadDownloads a File by id
uploadUploads one or more new Files
DataTablesgetGets metadata of a Data Table by Id
findSearch for Data Tables by Name
downloadDownloads a File by Id
uploadUploads a new Data Table
replaceReplaces an existing Data Table
IntegrationsgetGets an Integration by Id
findSearch for Integrations by Name
updateUpdate an Integration
deleteDelete an Integration
getIntegrationConnectionGet an Integration Connection by Id
createIntegrationConnectionCreate an Integration Connection for a specific Integration
deleteIntegrationConnectionDelete an Integration Connection


Each Service Client provides operations over one or more Entity types. These Entities are documented in detail at the end of the Service Client section that manages them. The full set of Entities managed by the SDK is listed below for quick reference.

Service ClientEntityDescription
AccessTokensAccessTokenAccess Tokens allow a developer to authenticate
SDK requests on behalf of a specific Catalytic User
UsersUserRepresents a user that can log into your Catalytic team
WorkflowsWorkflowA Workflow is an automation you build on the Catalytic platform.
It is a template of the process you want to run each time your Workflow is started.
InstancesInstanceWhen you start a Workflow, you create an Instance. That Instance
contains data stored in fields and tracks the status of your automation workflow.
Each Step in your Workflow becomes an Instance Step in your Instance.
InstanceStepEach step in a Workflow Instance represents a single action to be taken
in the course of running the instance
FieldFields hold the data in your Workflows and can be used to configure which
steps your Workflow Instance takes and which are skipped.
FilesFileA File can be associated with a Field in a Workflow or an Instance, or with a cell in
a Data Table.
DatatablesDatatableA Datatable that can store tabular data.
IntegrationsIntegrationEither a built in or custom Integration for connection to various external systems.
IntegrationConnectionA connection to a specific Integration.