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Introduction to the SDK for Node.js


Preview Release

The Node.js is currently a preview release and is not yet generally available. While in preview, functionality may be changed or deprecated without notice. Please contact [email protected] (opens in new tab) if you would like early access.

Benefits and Key Features

By integrating your app with the Catalytic platform, you can:

  • Easily add any of Catalytic's powerful capabilities to your app like customizable ETL, web forms, notifications and hundreds of pre-built intelligent actions and integrations
  • Dramatically lower the cost of risk of rapidly prototyping new functionality for your customers
  • Allow business users to build and change the business logic without changing your app
  • Move cumbersome and complex processes out of your app and into Catalytic where they are easy to manage
  • Easily connect user events in your app to trigger workflow processes in your business
  • Let Catalytic handle the compliance burden of storing and processing PII and ePHI with SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA-certified security

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Introduction to the SDK for Node.js

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