Start an Instance

$ catalytic instance start <WorkflowId> <Name> [--field=<exp>... | --fieldsJson=<pathToJSONFile> | --fieldsViaStdIn] [--format=<FormatExpression>] [--credentials=<CredentialsName>]

This command starts a new Instance of a specific Workflow (specified by WorkflowId). This command supports specifying Fields using CLI arguments, JSON via StdIn, or a JSON file.

<WorkflowId>The Catalytic system ID of the Workflow for which you wish to start an Instance.
<Name>The name to use when starting a new Instance.
--field=<exp>Field value to add to the Instance in the form of fieldName:value (i.e. --field=first-name:alice). Multiple --field=<exp> arguments may be provided.
--fieldsViaStdInBoolean flag which will prompt for JSON fields input via StdIn.
--fieldsJson=<pathToJSONFile>Path to a file containing fields in JSON format.
--format=<FormatExpression>A FormatExpression to define the output style and properties. See Formatting Output and Instance Properties for more information.
--credentials=<CredentialsName>A string corresponding to saved Credentials. See Using Credentials for more information about Authentication.


Start a new Instance of the Workflow with WorkflowId 10000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 called "Pam Onboarding", setting the "Name" field to "Pam Beesly" and the "Start Date" field to "3/24/2005".

$ catalytic instance start 10000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 "Pam Onboarding" --field "name:Pam Beesly" --field "start-date:03/24/2005"