Create an IntegrationConnection

Create a Connection to an existing Integration.


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createConnection(integrationId: string, name: string, connectionParams: FieldInput[]): Promise<IntegrationConnection>;
createConnection(integrationId: string, name: string, connectionParams: FieldInput[], callback: ClientMethodCallback<IntegrationConnection>): void;


integrationIdstringThe Id of the Integration for which a Connection should be created
namestringThe display name to apply to the new Integration connection
connectionParamsFieldInput[]The values required to create a Connection of the Integration. Should mirror the ConnectionParams on the Integration.
returnsIntegrationConnectionThe created Integration Connection


nameThe name or reference name of the Field on the Instance
valueThe string-serialized value of the Field


 * This example demonstrates creating a new SFTP Integration Connection
const { CatalyticClient } = require('@catalytic/sdk');

const catalytic = new CatalyticClient();

const integrationId = 'sftp/non-oauth/v1';
const name = 'My New SFTP Connection';
const params = [
    { name: 'username', value: 'alice' },
    { name: 'password', value: '[email protected]$$w0rd' },
    { name: 'urls', value: 's' },

var connection = await catalytic.integrations.createConnection(integrationId, name, params);