The Instance Step Entity


Common Methods

These are the most commonly used methods of an InstanceStep.

getIdUUIDThe unique ID of the Instance Step
getInstanceIdUUIDThe ID of the Instance Step belongs to
getWorkflowIdUUIDThe ID of the Workflow the Step's Instance was started from
getNameStringThe descriptive name of the Step
getTeamNameStringThe name of the team in which this Instance Step belongs to
getPositionStringThe position of the Instance Step within the Workflow
getDescriptionStringA description of the Step, or instructions to be carried out during the Step
getStatusStringThe status of the Instance Step
getAssignedToStringThe email of the user or group that the Step is assigned to, if any.
getStartDateOffsetDateTimeThe timestamp that the Instance Step was started
getEndDateOffsetDateTimeThe timestamp that the Instance Step was ended
getOutputFieldsList<Field>The list of output Fields from this Instance Step


InstanceStep(UUID id, UUID instanceId, UUID workflowId, String name, String teamName, Integer position, String description, String status, String assignedTo, OffsetDateTime startDate, OffsetDateTime endDate, List<Field> outputFields)

Creates a new instance of the InstanceStep class. Note that this does not create a new step within an Instance on the platform. That is not yet supported in the SDK.