Introduction to the Catalytic SDK

The Catalytic SDK is available with an Unlimited Enterprise license. Contact us to learn more.

Benefits and Key Features

By integrating your app with the Catalytic platform, you can:

  • Add any of Catalytic's powerful capabilities to your app like customizable ETL, web forms, notifications and hundreds of pre-built intelligent actions and integrations
  • Dramatically lower the cost of risk of rapidly prototyping new functionality for your customers
  • Allow business users to build and change the business logic without changing your app
  • Move cumbersome and complex processes out of your app and into Catalytic where they are easy to manage
  • Easily connect user events in your app to trigger workflow processes in your business
  • Let Catalytic handle the compliance burden of storing and processing PII and ePHI with SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA-certified security

Get started with one of the 4 supported languages.

Catalytic SDK for .NET
Catalytic SDK for PHP
Catalytic SDK for Node
Catalytic SDK for Java