Revoke an Access Token

Revoke an Access Token by ID.


Permissions Required

You can only get metadata for Access Tokens that you created, unless you are a team administrator. Team admins can get metadata for all Access Tokens on your Catalytic team.

Method Signature

revoke(id: string): Promise<AccessToken>;
revoke(id: string, callback: ClientMethodCallback<AccessToken>): void;
revoke(id: string, callback?: ClientMethodCallback<AccessToken>): Promise<AccessToken> | void;


idstringThe id of the Access Token to revoke


 * This example demonstrates revoking an Access Token by Id

const { CatalyticClient } = require('@catalytic/sdk');

const catalytic = new CatalyticClient();

// The default Access Token must have admin rights to get another user's Access Token

// Find all of Bobs Access Tokens
const options = { owner: '[email protected]' };
let hasNextPage = false;

while (hasNextPage) {
    const accessTokensPage = await catalytic.accessTokens.find(options);
    if (accessTokensPage.nextPageToken) {
        options.pageToken = accessTokensPage.nextPageToken;
    } else {
        hasNextPage = false;

// Now that we've found all of Bob's Access Tokens, as an admin we can revoke them
for (const bobsAccessToken of results.getAccessTokens()) {
  await catalytic.accessTokens.revoke(bobsAccessToken.getId());