Find Data Tables

Find Data Tables by name.


Permissions Required

You must have Find permissions to a matching Data Table for it to be included in the results

Method Signature

DataTablesPage find();
DataTablesPage find(Filter filter);
DataTablesPage find(String pageToken);
DataTablesPage find(Filter filter, String pageToken);
DataTablesPage find(Filter filter, String pageToken, Integer pageSize);


filterFilterThe filter criteria to search by, or null to fetch all DataTables.
pageTokenStringThe token of the page to fetch
pageSizeIntegerThe number of DataTables to return per page
returnsList<DataTable>The requested page of Data Tables

You can search for matches among the following attributes of the Where class.

textStringFuzzy matches the dataTable Name.


 * This example demonstrates finding all Data Tables and
 * printing their names in a list

import org.catalytic.sdk.CatalyticClient;
import org.catalytic.sdk.entities.DataTable;

public class Program {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
      	// Create and Initialize Catalytic SDK Client
        CatalyticClient catalytic = new CatalyticClient();
        List<DataTable> dataTables = new ArrayList<>();
      	// Find all Data Tables
        DataTablesPage results = catalytic.dataTables().find();
      	// Loop through each page of Data Tables and add them to the dataTables array
      	while(results.getNextPageToken() != null) {
            results = catalytic.dataTables().find(results.getNextPageToken());