Filtering Items


--search <query>

Provide a search query to narrow results to only those containing the specified text. For Workflows and Instances, the Name and Description properties are searched for the provided text.

Example Search Queries

Search for all Workflows with the term invoice in the Name or Description

$ catalytic workflow list --search "invoice"


--filter <FilterExpression>
--filter "<property>=<value> [AND <property>=<value>...]"

A FilterExpression is a Boolean statement consisting of Terms joined by LogicOperators which will be used to narrow the list of items returned from a Catalytic command.

A Term consists of a property, an operator, and a value. The property corresponds to an attribute on the entity type of the command. The value may be a number or string.

Valid Terms:

<property> = <value>True if property is equal to valueisArchived=true, "displayName=Employee Onboarding", "category=general"

A LogicOperator is used to join two Terms to create more complex FilterExpressions.

Valid LogicOperators:

ANDUsed to join two Terms whose conditions must both be satisfied."term1 AND term2"


Additional Terms and LogicOperators will be made available in future releases

Example FilterExpressions

Filter for all instances where owner is [email protected]:

$ catalytic instance list --filter "[email protected]"

Filter for all Workflows where Id is "10000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" and Status is "completed":

$ catalytic workflow list --filter="Id=10000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 AND Status=completed"