The Field Entity


Fields hold the data in your Workflows and can be used to configure which steps your Workflow Instance takes and which are skipped.

Fields can hold simple data like text, dates or numbers. Fields can also hold files or references to other Catalytic entities like Workflows or Tables.


More About Fields

For more information on Fields and Field Types in the Catalytic platform, see the platform help docs.

Field Types

textContains arbitrary UTF-8 text. Many use-cases support markdown.
dateContains only the date, without a time component
dateTimeA date and time, represented in UTC
jsonValidated JSON, encoded as a string
singleChoiceOne of an enumerated set of text values
multipleChoiceOne or more of an enumerated set of text values
workflowReference to a Workflow
instanceReference to an Instance
instructionsRead-only field for passing instructions to users
fileReference to a File
tableReference to a DataTable
userReference to a User

Summary of Properties and Methods

Instance Properties

idGuidThe unique ID of the Field
namestringThe descriptive name of the Field
descriptionstringA description of the Field, or instructions for filling out the Field in a form
fieldTypeFieldTypeAn enum representing the type of data held in the field.
restrictionsFieldRestrictionsMay include a string[] choices for
singleChoice and multipleChoice fields.