Stop an Instance

Stops a running Instance of a Workflow.


Permissions Required

Find and Edit permissions are required for an Instance in order to stop it. The Instance Owner has implicit Find and Edit permissions, and can always stop Instances they own.

Method Signature

Instance stop(String id);


idStringThe id of the Instance to stop
returnsInstanceThe stopped Instance


 * This example demonstrates stopping an Instance by ID
import org.catalytic.sdk.CatalyticClient;
import org.catalytic.sdk.entities.Instance;

public class Program {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
      	// Create and initialize CatalytiClient
        CatalyticClient catalytic = new CatalyticClient();
      	// End a specific instance by id
        Instance instance = catalytic.instances().stop("c9f2beec-10c0-4f2f-b4e0-1d884c7e053c");