Update an Integration

Update an existing custom Integration by ID. Every update request must include the application authentication parameters.

Method Signature

Integration Update(string id, IntegrationUpdateRequest updateRequest);
async Task<Integration> UpdateAsync(string id, IntegrationUpdateRequest updateRequest);


idstringThe Id of the custom Integration to update
updateRequestIntegrationUpdateRequestThe request containing Integration configuration metadata
returnsIntegrationThe requested Integration


NamestringThe display Name to apply to the Integration
TypeIntegrationTypeThe Type of the Integration. Currently only OAuth2 is supported
ConfigIntegrationConfigurationThe configuration settings for the Integration


ClientIdstringClient ID of the OAuth Application
ClientSecretstringClient Secret of the OAuth Application
TokenPathstringToken Path of the OAuth Application
RevokePathstringToken Revocation Path of the OAuth Application
AuthorizeBaseUrlUriThe base URL of the OAuth Application
SiteUriThe website of the OAuth Application
ScopesList<string>The list of Scopes to apply to Connections using the Integration
UseBodyAuthboolBoolean indicating whether auth params should be sent to OAuth app in body


 * This example demonstrates updating an existing custom Integration
using Catalytic.Sdk.Entities;

namespace Catalytic.Sdk.Examples
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var catalytic = new Catalytic.Sdk.CatalyticClient(AccessToken.Default);
            var request = new IntegrationUpdateRequest {
                Name = "My Updated Integration Name",
                Type = IntegrationType.OAuth2,
                Config = new IntegrationConfiguration {
                    ClientId = "MY_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID",
                    ClientSecret = "MY_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET",
                    TokenPath = "/oauth2/token",
                    RevokePath = "/oauth2/revoke",
                    AuthorizeBaseUrl: "https://example-oauth-app.com/oauth2/authorize",
                    Site = "https://api.example-oauth-app.com",
                    Scopes = new List<string> { "read", "write" },
                    UseBodyAuth = false

            var integration = await catalytic.Integrations.UpdateAsync("EXISTING_INTEGRATION_ID", request);