The File Entity


The File entity contains metadata about files uploaded to the Catalytic platform. Once uploaded, files can be deleted, but not modified.

Common Methods

These are the most commonly used methods of a File.

getIdstringThe unique ID of the File
getNamestringThe original name of the uploaded File
getContentTypestringThe content type of the File
getSizeInBytesintThe size of the File in bytes
getDisplaySizestringA human-readable version of the file size. E.g., 40 MB
getIsPublicboolIndicates where the file can be downloaded without authentication
getMd5HashstringThe MD5 hash of the file's contents


File Permissions

While files can be directly uploaded outside of a Workflow or Instance, it is more common for a file to be uploaded when starting an Instance or completing and Instance Step. When doing so, the file's permissions are inherited from the field permissions configured in the Workflow. If you are uploading a file directly, be sure the Is Public attribute is set to False (the default) unless you intend for the file to be anonymously downloadable via a link.