Find Integrations

Finds Integrations matching your criteria. The Integrations.Find method supports a fluent style where you can chain together your search criteria.

Method Signature

find(): Promise<IntegrationsPage>;
find(options: FindIntegrationsOptions): Promise<IntegrationsPage>;
find(callback: callback: (err?: Error, integrationsPage: IntegrationsPage) => any): void;
find(options: FindIntegrationsOptions, callback: callback: (err?: Error, integrationsPage: IntegrationsPage) => any): void;


optionsFindIntegrationsOptionsOptional The paging options filter criteria to search by, or null to fetch all Integrations.
options.querystringOptional A query string to search by. Applies to the name property of Integrations
options.pageSizenumberOptional The number of Integrations to fetch in a single IntegrationsPage response25
options.pageTokenstringOptional The nextPageToken of a previous find request, used to fetch the next set of results
callback(err?: Error, integrationsPage: IntegrationsPage) => anyOptional The callback
returnsIntegrationsPageThe requested page of Integrations


 * This example demonstrates listing all Integrations
const { CatalyticClient } = require('@catalytic/sdk');

const catalytic = new CatalyticClient();

const integrations = [];

const options = { pageSize: 25 };
let hasNextPage = true;

while (hasNextPage) {
    const integrationsPage = await catalytic.integrations.find(options);
    if (integrationsPage.nextPageToken) {
        options.pageToken = integrationsPage.nextPageToken;
    } else {
        hasNextPage = false;

integrations.forEach(integration => {