Find Integrations

Finds Integrations matching your criteria. The Integrations.find() method supports a fluent style where you can chain together your search criteria.

Method Signature

IntegrationsPage find();
IntegrationsPage find(Filter filter);
IntegrationsPage find(String pageToken);
IntegrationsPage find(Filter filter, String pageToken);
IntegrationsPage find(Filter filter, String pageToken, Integer pageSize);


filterFilterThe filter criteria to search by, or null to fetch all Integrations
pageTokenStringThe token of the page to fetch
pageSizeIntegerThe number of Integrations to return per page
returnsIntegrationsPageThe requested page of Integrations

You can search for matches among the following attributes of the Where class.

textStringFuzzy matches the Integration's Name.


 * This example demonstrates listing all Integrations

 * This example demonstrates finding all Data Tables and
 * printing their names in a list
import org.catalytic.sdk.CatalyticClient;
import org.catalytic.sdk.entities.Integration;
import org.catalytic.sdk.entities.IntegrationsPage;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class Program {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
      	// Create and Initialize Catalytic SDK Client
        CatalyticClient catalytic = new CatalyticClient();
        List<Integration> integrations = new ArrayList<>();
        // Find all Integrations
        IntegrationsPage results = catalytic.integrations().find();
      	// Loop through each page of Integrations and add them to the integrations array
      	while(results.getNextPageToken() != null) {
            results = catalytic.integrations().find(results.getNextPageToken());